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Felbermayr invests in 600 new working platforms and lift trucks


The Felbermayr fleet of work platforms and lift trucks is growing rapidly. The current investment in over 600 pieces of equipment, mainly battery- or hybrid-powered machines, is intended to bring even…

Der Fuhrpark der Felbermayr-Bühnenvermietung in Krefeld

Platform rental in Germany growing


Felbermayr started renting out platforms in Germany at the start of the year. From the existing Felbermayr site in Krefeld, platform rental is currently expanding, especially in North…

Professional glass and façade cleaning with work platforms


Selecting the most suitable height access technology is the basic prerequisite for efficient and, moreover, safe glass and façade cleaning. Work platforms are an indispensable work device for glass…

Fuhrpark der Felbermayr-Bühnenvermietung

Rent battery-operated platforms


Felbermayr relies on “ecological power” when renting work platforms and lift trucks. The Felbermayr rental fleet is one of the most modern in Austria and comprises around 55 % electrically or hybrid…

Scherenbühne vom Felbermayr-Fuhrpark

NEW to the Felbermayr rental range


F-18 BSX scissors platform with electric drive and a platform length of 7.51 metres

Lkw-Bühne bei Reigingunsarbeiten an einer großen Fassade im Einsatz

The ideal rental device in four steps


Step by step guide for an efficient rental request for work platforms, lift trucks and mini-cranes.

Felbermayr acquires German work platform rental company SGL


The success of Felbermayr’s work platform rental business is based on both organic growth and takeovers. The most recent example of a successful takeover in the field of access technology is the work…

Vertriebsprofi und Leiter Bühne Deutschland vor Felbermayr Auto

Work platform rental expanded


With more than 3,000 work platforms and lift trucks across Europe, Felbermayr is one of the most important rental companies for height access technology. To continue the successful growth of recent…