New to the Felbermayr fleet

Specifications and special features of new devices

Felbermayr is consistently and constantly investing in an ultra-modern rental fleet that is aligned with our customers’ requirements. Keep up to date – we are adding to our range of platforms, lift trucks and mini-cranes continuously.

Benefit from the latest Felbermayr technology and request our new devices for your next job. Our field service team is happy to help you – throughout Austria and around the world in our branches.

At the beginning of October 2022, the Felbermayr branches expanded their rental range with two diesel-powered scissors platforms. The F-32 DSX has a working height of 32 metres and a load capacity of up to one tonne. 

The all-terrain scissors platform is equipped with all-wheel drive and non-marking tyres as standard. The platform can also be further extended when deployed by approximately two metres by means of a platform extension. 

The most important specifications at a glance: 

  • Working height: max. 32 metres
  • Load capacity: max. 1 tonne
  • Length: max. 6.73 metres
  • Width: max. 2.55 metres
  • Height: max. 3.19 metres
  • Diesel-powered
  • Tare weight: 24 tonnes
  • Off-road capable
  • Non-marking tyres

Department manager Florian Katzinger from Felbermayr lifting technology on the new addition to the fleet: "With the new F-32 DSX scissors platform, the exceptional working height of 32 metres is particularly noteworthy - in addition to the correct securing of the operating personnel, an automatic level compensation system ensures additional safety when working."

"As the working platform has a tare weight of just under 24 tonnes, a lot of expertise is required for the advance logistics planning," adds Katzinger. 

The new scissors platforms are ready for use immediately - enquire about the F-32 DSX scissors platform​​​​​​​ now (with no obligation). 

New diesel-powered F-14 LT truck platforms have been available for rental from Felbermayr since September 2022. The F-14 LT truck-mounted work platform has a maximum working height of 13.5 metres and a lateral reach of 8.5 metres.

The permissible total weight is max. 3.5 tonnes - so it is possible to drive the truck platform to the site independently with a class B driving licence. The new machine in the fleet impresses with superb mobility and flexibility in use. 

Relevant technical data of the new working platform:

  • Working height: max. 13.50 metres
  • Load capacity: max. 230 kilograms
  • Range: 8.50 metres
  • Length: max. 6.58 metres
  • Width: max. 2.10 metres
  • Height: max. 3.20 metres
  • Support width: 2.33 metres
  • Basket dimensions: 0.75 x 1.15 metres
  • Diesel-powered
  • Permissible total weight: 3.5 tonnes

Enquire now about the F-14 LT truck-mounted work platform​​​​​​​ (with no obligation). 

Another special device was added to the Felbermayr fleet in August 2022 – a crawler platform with three different support widths and a maximum working height of 26 metres.

The most important specifications at a glance:

  • Working height: max. 26 metres
  • Load capacity: max. 250 kilogrammes
  • Range: Depends on the support width
  • Length: max. 5.58 metres
  • Width: max. 0.99 metres
  • Height: max. 1.98 metres
  • Petrol and battery operated
  • Radio remote control

The base frame for the work platform is placed on a crawler carriage with rubber crawlers. All platform functions can either be controlled directly from the basket or from the ground.

The control station in the basket can be used for all arm and jib movements, and the combustion engine and electric motor on the work platform can be started and switched off.
The control station on the ground contains the ignition for the combustion engine and a wired controller to move the carriage at a safe distance and to extend the supports, as well as a main control panel to move the jib.

There are optional electrical controllers available for the control station on the ground, in order to move the arm using the wired controller.

​​​​​​​About the new platform, Florian Katzinger, Departmental Manager at Felbermayr-Hebetechnik said: ”The special features of this model include the radio remote control and also the three possible support widths with different lateral ranges, while maintaining the maximum working height of 26 metres. The 26 crawler is another special device that we have added to our fleet. With our range of crawler platforms, we can now meet our customer’s requirements even better”.

In recent years, the demand for electric work platforms has increased dramatically – we are therefore adding to our range of platforms, lift trucks and mini-cranes continuously. The F-18 BSX scissors platform with electric drive and a platform length of 7.51 metres is new to the Felbermayr rental range since May 2022.

The most important specifications at a glance:

  • Working height: max. 18 metres
  • Load capacity: max. 750 kilogrammes
  • Total length (extension extended fully): 7.508 metres
  • Overall width: 2.300 metres
  • Overall height: 3.150 metres
  • Battery-operated
  • Off-road capability

Florian Katzinger, Departmental Manager at Felbermayr-Hebetechnik said: “We’re delighted with our new acquisition. The extraordinary platform length of 7.51 metres is a particular highlight. The scissors platform therefore provides maximum space for the operator and material. In addition, the platform is driven completely electrically and provides numerous other benefits in use, such as off-road capability.”