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Professional glass and façade cleaning with work platforms


July 25, 2022 | Markus Lackner

Selecting the most suitable height access technology is the basic prerequisite for efficient and, moreover, safe glass and façade cleaning. Work platforms are an indispensable work device for glass and façade cleaning thanks to the many benefits that they provide users in their daily work. They are particularly impressive thanks to their contribution to occupational safety and efficient completion of the cleaning work.

Due to the architecture and the building structure, the requirements for glass and façade cleaning are unique to each job. This often starts with access to the site. For example, the dimensions of access routes must be considered when selecting the platform type. However, the weight of the rental device to be used also requires consideration. This is because underground cables often pose hidden risks in relation to the possible ground pressures and must be considered. Projecting edges and obstacles at great height also often create difficult conditions and make access to the workplace difficult for the building cleaner. But when all eventualities are considered and an appropriate specialist consultation is provided, handling work platforms is easy and safe.

Clean safely with work platforms
Although the conditions for glass and façade cleaners are unique, the range of ultra-modern height access technology at Felbermayr is wide. These modern aids are therefore clearly preferable to using ladders and scaffolding. Apart from the risk of accidents, selecting the right platform type removes the need to change the position frequently and therefore saves valuable working time.

The right platform type
The rental range included different type and designs of work platform. Some of our platform models have an extra wide lateral range with flexible articulated telescopic features to overcome projecting edges in places that are difficult to access. This is particularly relevant for glass and façade cleaning jobs. Working heights of up to 103 metres can also be reached effortlessly. The option for exact and flexible control from the top enables the specialists to work efficiently without a static scaffolding. The platform size differs according to the model and offers sufficient space and load for staff and equipment for cleaning according to the requirements.

Robert Bauer, Felbermayr divisional manager for work platforms and lift trucks says: “Customer service and commitment to service is our top priority at Felbermayr. Our aim is to work together with our customers to find the best and safest solution for the glass and façade cleaning job, at short notice if necessary.”

Bauer knows the challenges when using platforms for building cleaning and has supported specialists in the cleaning sector for years: “As each building has its own special features, we are happy to give the benefit of our experience.” This is because accessing the premises or securing the parking location often has great significance for the success of the job. The weather conditions can also have a significant impact on safety. For example, ground that poses no problems when dry can quickly become a hazard source when it is raining, as Bauer knows well. “That’s why we’re there for clarification”, says Bauer and is happy to work with his colleagues as the Felbermayr work platform rental point of contact for questions regarding using work platforms.

10 tips for safe and efficient cleaning work at heights

  • Safety: Do the staff have the required capabilities (check whether training is required)
  • Collection or delivery: Can the platform be collected or is delivery required
  • Access: What are the ground conditions, are there underground channels that limit the permissible ground pressure, are white chains required to prevent abrasive wear (indoor)
  • Range: What working height and lateral range are required for the cleaning work
  • Load: What is the expected basket load (staff and device)
  • Drive type: Diesel, hybrid, or electric drive (indoor)
  • Platform category: Depending on the application (projecting edges present), there are six different categories available (scissors, truck, telescopic, mast, trailer or articulated telescopic platform)
  • Weather conditions: Is precipitation expected or strong winds
  • Parking location: Is there sufficient space for parking, are permits such as roadblocks required
  • Rental period: Is the intended rental period realistic