Rent crawler platforms for special applications

Special device for use on uneven surfaces

Crawler work platforms are designed for special applications and are the number one choice for work in locations that are difficult to access with uneven ground and floors that have to be protected in particular.

Crawler platforms are suitable for vertical ascent, diagonal ascent and ascent with projecting edges.

Crawler platforms are impressive thanks to their multi-functional mobility and particularly flexible to use thanks to the crawler chassis. They are slim and have a low tare weight that is particularly beneficial for narrow accesses and surfaces with low load capacity. Crawler work platforms have also proven themselves indoors if the floor requires a great deal of protection.

Rental request crawler platform ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

  • Application: Vertical ascent, diagonal ascent, ascent with projecting edge
  • Working height: max. 31 metres
  • Load capacity: max. 400 kilogrammes
  • Suitable for: Outdoors, indoors
  • Drive type: Diesel, petrol, battery
  • Suitable for rough terrain
  • Use indoors in areas requiring protection
  • Slim design
  • Low tare weight
Auswahl Title Max. Working Height Drive Type Max. Load Capacity Dimensions (lxwxh) File
F-13 TR 13 m Diesel 0.23 to 4,59x0,78x1,95 m Download
F-14 TR 14 m Batterie / Benzin 0.12 to 4,00x0,78x1,96 m Download
F-19 GTR 18.8 m Batterie / Benzin 0.2 to 4,45x1,40x2,12 m Download
F-20 GTR 20 m Batterie / Benzin 0.23 to 5,01x1,49x2,00 m Download
F-22 TKX TRAX 21.81 m Diesel 0.3 to 9,76x2,58x2,81 m Download
F-22 TR 22 m Batterie / Benzin 0.25 to 4,52x0,94x1,97 m Download
F-23 GTR 23 m Batterie / Diesel 0.2 to 6,20x0,98x1,97 m Download
F-26 GTR 26 m Batterie / Diesel 0.25 to 5,58x0,99x1,98 m
F-30 TR 30 m Batterie 0.2 to 7,20x1,58x1,98 m Download
F-31 TR 31 m Diesel 0.4 to 7,46x1,14x1,99 m Download