Rent truck platforms for maximum mobility

One device for multiple applications

With a working height of over 100 metres, truck work platforms are also suitable for work at great heights. The Felbermayr F 103 LTK truck platform is one of the highest work platforms in the world and a real “giant” with a working height of 103 metres and a maximum load of 600 kilogrammes.

Truck platforms excel thanks to their flexible areas of application and are suitable for vertical and diagonal ascent on the site.
The platform for truck platforms is mounted to a truck chassis. The truck work platform can be transported from A to B independently. A driving licence (class B or class C depending on the model) is the prerequisite.

Benefit from flexible use and save rental and transport costs. As you are able to transport it yourself, you can switch sites quickly and therefore use the truck platform on several building sites.

Rental request truck platform ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

  • Application: Vertical ascent, diagonal ascent
  • Working height: max. 103 metres
  • Load capacity: max. 600 kilogrammes
  • Suitable for: Outdoors
  • Drive type: Diesel
  • Extreme usage height
  • Wide diagonal range
  • Mobility thanks to being able to transport it yourself
    Prerequisite: Class B or C driving licence (depending on the model)
  • Site flexibility
Auswahl Title Max. Working Height Drive Type Max. Load Capacity Dimensions (lxwxh) File
F-27 LT 27 m Diesel 0.23 to 6,86xk,A,x2,99 m Download
F-14 LT 13.5 m Diesel 0.23 to 6,58x2,10x3,20 m Download
F-18 LT 18 m Diesel 0.2 to 8,70x2,00x3,20 m Download
F-20 LT 20 m Diesel 0.2 to 6,80x2,20x2,95 m Download
F-22 LT 22 m Diesel 0.2 to 7,73x2,33x3,10 m Download
F-22 LTR 22.1 m Diesel 0.2 to 7,20x2,00x3,00 m Download
F-26 LTK 26 m Diesel 0.25 to 7,90x2,30x3,00 m Download
F-26 LTR 26 m Diesel 0.25 to 7,86x2,34x3,03 m Download
F-28 LTK 28.5 m Diesel 0.32 to 8,19x2,50x3,56 m Download
F-30 LTK 30 m Diesel 0.3 to 8,53x2,50x3,50 m Download
F-33 LTK 33 m Diesel 0.32 to 8,79x2,50x3,56 m Download
F-35 LTK 35 m Diesel 0.3 to 8,80x2,45x3,50 m Download
F-42 LTK 42 m Diesel 0.35 to 11,37x2,50x3,75 m Download
F-48 LTK 48 m Diesel 0.6 to 10,36x2,55x3,78 m Download
F-61 LTK 61 m Diesel 0.6 to 12,00x2,50x3,98 m Download
F-63 LTK 63 m Diesel 0.6 to 11,99x2,50x3,99 m Download
F-70 LTK 68.9 m Diesel 0.59 to 11,96x2,54x3,94 m Download
F-90 LTK 90 m Diesel 0.6 to 14,99x2,55x4,00 m Download
F-103 LTK 102.5 m Diesel 0.6 to 16,50x2,75x3,99 m Download