Rent flexible articulated/telescopic platforms

Go higher with the articulated telescope

The areas of application for telescopic work platforms are numerous – they are flexible all-rounders in height access technology. In addition to vertical ascent, work requiring a diagonal ascent can also be performed.

Articulated telescopic platforms, on the other hand, are used to overcome obstacles and projecting edges at great heights. Due to the wide lateral range, articulated telescopic work platforms are the best possible device and the right choice, especially for work in places that are difficult to access. With a maximum working height of 57 metres, articulated telescopic work platforms provide optimum stability and safety. Tip: Use the IPAF training opportunitiesto guarantee safe work at heights.

Choose between diesel or electric drive depending on the application, be it indoors or outdoors. In order to prevent tyre traces on the hall floor, select work platform types with white tyres.

The Felbermayr rental range comprises more than 30 different models of articulated telescopic work platforms. We’d be happy to help you to select the suitable model.

Rental request telescopic platform ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

  • Application: Vertical ascent, diagonal ascent, ascent with projecting edge
  • Working height: max. 57 metres
  • Load capacity: max. 350 kilogrammes
  • Suitable for: Indoors, outdoors
  • Drive type: Diesel, battery and hybrid
  • Large working height
  • Wide lateral range
  • Suitable for locations that are difficult to access with obstacles
  • Use on rough terrain
  • White tyres for sensitive areas
Auswahl Title Max. Working Height Drive Type Max. Load Capacity Dimensions (lxwxh) File
F-11 GTB 11.1 m Batterie 48V 0.23 to 3,50x1,20x2,05 m Download
F-12 GTKX/M 11.91 m Diesel 0.23 to 5,50x1,80x2,02 m Download
F-12 GTB/M 12 m Batterie 48V 0.2 to 5,48x1,20x1,99 m Download
F-12 GTB 12.52 m Batterie 48V 0.23 to 5,72x1,47x2,00 m Download
F-13 GTKX 12.52 m Diesel 0.23 to 5,64x1,73x2,00 m Download
F-14 GTB 13.5 m Batterie 0.23 to 4,10x1,49x2,00 m Download
F-15 GTB/M 15 m Batterie 48V 0.2 to 6,05x1,50x1,97 m Download
F-16 GTB 15.7 m Batterie 48V 0.23 to 6,65x1,75x2,00 m Download
F-15 GTXK/B 15.7 m Diesel/Batterie 48V 0.23 to 4,80x2,00x2,10 m Download
F-16 TKX 15.72 m Diesel 0.23 to 8,48x2,24x2,49 m Download
F-16 TKX/A 15.9 m Diesel 0.23 to 7,56x2,30x2,00 m Download
F-16 GTB/D 15.92 m Batterie / Diesel 0.23 to 6,83x1,79x2,00 m Download
F-16 GTKX 16 m Diesel 35,8 kW 0.23 to 6,83x2,29x2,06 m Download
F-17 GTB 16.9 m Batterie 0.2 to 6,84x1,75x2,04 m Download
F-18 GTKX 17.62 m Diesel 35,8 kW 0.23 to 7,50x2,29x2,16 m Download
F-18 GTKX/M 17.65 m Diesel 33 kW 0.23 to 5,77x2,30x2,37 m Download
F-20 GTB/D 20.16 m Batterie 48V 0.23 to 8,15x2,49x2,54 m Download
F-20 TKX 20.2 m Diesel 43 kW 0.23 to 10,04x2,43x2,64 m Download
F-20 GTKX 20.39 m Diesel 35,8 kW 0.23 to 8,15x2,46x2,69 m Download
F-21 GTKX 20.5 m Diesel 38 kW 0.25 to 9,00x2,38x2,74 m Download
F-20 GTB 20.76 m Batterie 72V 0.25 to 8,54x2,41x3,00 m Download
F-21 GTBD 20.8 m Hybrid 0.23 to 6,65x2,27x2,15 m Download
F-22 TKX 22 m Diesel 49,2 kW 0.23 to 8,81x2,41x2,82 m Download
F-23 TKX 23 m Diesel 32,1 kW 0.25 to 10,24x2,48x2,82 m Download
F-25 TKX 25 m Diesel 32,1 kW 0.25 to 12,87x2,48x2,82 m Download
F-26 GTKX 25.77 m Diesel 58 kW 0.23 to 11,27x2,49x3,00 m Download
F-28 TKX/M 27.75 m Diesel 33,6 kW 0.35 to 11,35x2,43x2,72 m Download
F-28 TKX 27.9 m Diesel 55 kW 0.23 to 12,20x2,50x2,80 m Download
F-28 GTB/D 28.1 m Batterie 80V 0.25 to 11,83x2,50x2,89 m Download
F-32 GTKX 32 m Diesel 64 kW 0.25 to 8,90x2,53x2,80 m Download
F-34 TKX 34 m Diesel 56 kW 0.23 to 14,02x2,54x3,00 m Download
F-40 TKX 40.15 m Diesel 57 kW 0.23 to 14,25x2,46x3,07 m Download
F-43 GTKX 43.15 m Diesel 58,1 kW 0.27 to 12,93x2,46x3,07 m Download
F-57 TKX 56.86 m Diesel 55 kW 0.34 to 14,33x2,49x3,05 m Download