Rent multi-functional telehandlers

All-purpose work platforms for unloading and raising loads

Telehandlers are required on building sites, in industry and agriculture. Whether it’s to unload heavy loads from lorries or to raise building materials.

The multi-functional Felbermayr telehandlers are extremely versatile according to the design and accessories. Choose from different model variants and lifting heights in order to use the most efficient solution for your requirements. Thanks to its robust design, the telehandler can also demonstrate its potential and strength on uneven ground. Certain models can reach lifting heights of up to 35 metres.

You can also request additional equipment:

  • Work basket
  • Cable winch
  • Load hook
  • For extension, etc.


Rental request telehandler ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

  • Lifting height: max. 35 metres
  • Load capacity: max. 12 tonnes
  • Suitable for: Outdoors, indoors
  • Drive type: Diesel
  • Compact and manoeuvrable
  • All-purpose
  • Available in various lifting heights
Auswahl Title Max. Load Capacity Max. Working Height Drive Type Dimensions (lxwxh) File
F-04 TSX 2 to 4.3 m Diesel 3,66x1,50x1,96 m
F-6 TSX 2.3 to 5.7 m Diesel 47 kW 4,92x1,80x1,92 m Download
F-06 TSX 2.5 to 5.85 m Diesel 5,09x1,81x1,92 m Download
F-6 TSX/M 2.8 to 6.3 m Diesel 74.5 kW 5,63x1,99x1,99 m Download
F-10 TSX 3 to 9.9 m Diesel 61.5 kW 6,19x2,26x2,30 m Download
F-16 TSX - Rotor 3.5 to 15.8 m Diesel 74.5 kW 6,08x2,39x2,97 m Download
F-11 TSX 3.5 to 11.05 m Diesel 5,37x2,28x2,42 m
F-17 TSX 3.5 to 16.7 m Diesel 84 kW 7,49x2,33x2,55 m Download
F-08 TSX 3.5 to 7.75 m Diesel 6,44x2,28x2,42 m Download
F-14 TSX/M 4 to 13.6 m Diesel 74.5 kW 7,29x2,41x2,61 m Download
F-18 TSX 4 to 17.5 m Diesel 75 kW 7,47x2,42x2,45 m Download
F-25 TSX 4 to 20.6 m Diesel 97 kW 9,02x2,43x3,03 m Download
F-18 TSXR 4 to 17.9 m Diesel 55kW 6,74x2,40x2,97 m
F-14 TSX 4 to 13.53 m Diesel 7,33x2,37x2,45 m Download
F-18 TSX-Rotor 4.5 to 18 m Diesel 7,26x2,45x3,04 m Download
F-22 TSXR 4.99 to 20.9 m Diesel 115kW 8,07x2,49x3,05 m
F-22 TSX/M 5 to 20.6 m Diesel 97 kW 7,98x2,43x3,03 m Download
F-35 TSXR 6 to 34.9 m Diesel 170kW 9,20x2,51x3,15 m
F-26 TSX/Rotor 6 to 25.9 m Diesel 9,28x2,50x3,10 m Download
F-35 TSX 6 to 34.9 m Allrad 9.2x2,5x3,15 m Download
F-25 TSX/6T 6 to 25 m Diesel 8,83x2,53x3,15 m Download
F-8 TSX/M 6 to 8.1 m Diesel 97 kW 6,57x2,40x2,45 m Download
F-22 TSX Rotor 6 to 21.8 m Diesel 8,83x2,50x3,10 m Download
F-09 TSX 6 to 9 m Diesel 6,10x2,48x2,53 m
F-07 TSX 9 to 6.8 m Diesel 5,27x2,47x2,48 m
F-10 TSX/12t 12 to 9.6 m Diesel 130 kW 7,75x2,40x2,90 m Download