Rent scissors platforms securely and quickly

High load capacity and platform surface

Scissors work platforms are ideally suited to work that requires vertical ascent. Benefit from the diverse commercial and industrial applications, such as for glass and building cleaning, installation and maintenance work, as well as painting and varnishing work.

With a working height of up to 33 metres and a load of up to 1 tonne, the Felbermayr scissors work platforms are the ideal solution if a high load capacity and a large surface area are required for staff and materials. The scissors enable you to move to the required height quickly and safely. Scissors platforms are self-propelled units and can also be operated directly from the platform – an efficiency gain for every user.

Depending on the work platform type, the specifications and dimensions such as the platform size, device width and scissors platform weight vary. Find the device suited to your individual requirements from more than 26 different scissors platforms and see the benefits of our modern rental fleet for yourself.

Rental request scissors work platform ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

  • Application: Vertical ascent
  • Working height: max. 33 metres
  • Load capacity: max. 1 tonne
  • Suitable for: Outdoors, indoors
  • Drive type: Diesel, battery
  • Load capacity for heavy loads
  • Working area for people and material
  • Flexible weight, width and platform size
  • Mobility
Auswahl Title Max. Working Height Drive Type Max. Load Capacity Dimensions (lxwxh) File
F-5 BS 5.7 m Batterie 0.23 to 1,04x0,74x1,70 m Download
F-06 BS 6.57 m Batterie 0.27 to 1,63x0,74x1,73 m Download
F-08 BS/S 7.8 m Battery 0.23 to 1.86x0,76x1,83 m Download
F-08 BS 8.1 m Batterie 0.36 to 2,26x0,81x1,78 m Download
F-8 BS 8.1 m Batterie 0.54 to 2,26x1,15x1,55 m Download
F-10 BSX 9.9 m Batterie 0.68 to 2,79x1,60x1,92 m Download
F-10 DSX 9.9 m Diesel 0.68 to 2,79x1,60x1,92 m Download
F-10 BS 9.92 m Batterie 0.45 to 2,26x0,81x1,91 m Download
F-10 BS/S 10 m Battery 0.23 to 2,48x0,83x2,00 m Download
F-12 BS 11.75 m Batterie 0.32 to 2,26x0,81x2,03 m Download
F-12 BSX 11.96 m Batterie 0.45 to 2,79x1,60x1,92 m Download
F-12 DSX 12 m Diesel 0.9 to 2,50x1,55x2,48 m Download
F-14 BS 13.7 m Batterie 0.35 to 2,26x1,15x1,88 m Download
F-14 BSX 14.12 m Batterie 0.36 to 2,79x1,60x2,08 m Download
F-15 DSX 15.11 m Diesel 0.68 to 3,98x1,83x2,25 m Download
F-16 BS 15.7 m Batterie 24V 0.25 to 2,48x1.1.19x2,18 m Download
F-18 BSX 18 m Batterie 0.75 to 4,40x2,30x3,15 m
F-18 DSX 18.15 m Diesel 0.68 to 3,98x1,83x2,47 m Download
F-21 DSX 21.5 m Diesel 0.75 to 4,50x2,30x2,88 m Download
F-22 DSX 22 m Diesel 0.75 to 4,95x2,46x3,00 m Download
F-22 BS 22 m Batterie 48V 0.6 to 4,72x1,25x2,99 m Download
F-23 DSX 23 m Diesel 1 to 5,35x2,50x3,92 m Download
F-27 DSX 27 m Diesel 1 to 6,15x2,50x3,89 m Download
F-28 BS 28 m Batterie 0.75 to 5,21x1,30x4,10 m Download
F-32 DSX 32 m Diesel 1 to 6,73x2,55x3,19 m Download
F-33 BS 33 m Batterie 0.6 to 6,40x1,20x3,11 m Download