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May 9, 2022 | Isabella Mittermair

Felbermayr relies on “ecological power” when renting work platforms and lift trucks. The Felbermayr rental fleet is one of the most modern in Austria and comprises around 55 % electrically or hybrid driven platform models (as of 05/22). The aim of the “eco” fleet is offer customers from trade and industry the usual powerful performance of the work platforms with minimum environmental impact.

The subjects of sustainability and climate protection have also gained traction in the building industry in recent years. This trend is shown in the rental sector particularly by the increased demand for electric and hybrid platforms and lift trucks for indoor and outdoor use.

Innovations in the construction industry
Thanks to the development and use of innovative technologies, the construction industry has experienced a significant wave of innovations in recent years and can therefore make a contribution to sustainability, environmental and climate protection.
The focus is on reducing environmental impacts in the form of emissions such as CO2 and noise. Felbermayr has been striving to increase the environmentally friendliness of its work platforms for years and is only buying state of the art platform types that comply with the currently applicable standards such as the Euro-6 exhaust gas standard. Devices that are older than 10 years will be removed from the rental fleet and replaced with ultra-modern types.
The Felbermayr fleet therefore complies with all environmental regulations and standards for work in urban areas, industrial parks, building sites and indoors.

Electric and hybrid work platforms offer numerous benefits
Customers from trade and industry benefit from sustainable solutions with “eco power” and future-oriented work platform rental that already meets tomorrow’s requirements today.
In addition to using electric platforms and lift trucks, there are also ecological benefits such as minimising fuel costs. Furthermore, you are not affected by price fluctuations for petrol and diesel. On the other hand, hybrid models have the great benefit of flexibility in use – work electrically indoors and with diesel power outdoors. You can therefore increase the capacity utilisation of the rented platforms and lift trucks and save twice, as you don’t have to rent an additional device.

Felbermayr is investing in a modern and sustainable rental fleet
As of 2022, over half of the Felbermayr rental fleet (55 %!) will be electric or hybrid. The majority of these, around 40 %, are battery-operated.
“The tendency is increasing. The range of electric and hybrid work platforms will be expanded further in the coming years. An average of 4 % “eco” models will be added each year. Felbermayr is therefore investing in a fleet that provides customers with future-proof and efficient but also powerful solutions throughout Europe!”, said Robert Bauer – Divisional manager for transport and lifting technology in Tirol.

Benefits of electric and hybrid platform models at a glance:

  • Lower environmental impact
  • Lower noise impact
  • Flexible application options indoors and outdoors
  • Cost savings thanks to higher capacity utilisation and lower diesel consumption
  • Legal conformity with maximum carbon dioxide and emission values

Get your electric or hybrid work platform in just 4 steps
In order to find the solution suitable for your application, use the digital rental request option and select the “Electric” or “Hybrid” drive type in the “Technical data”. Inform us of your site and contact data. The Felbermayr team will be happy to provide you with a no obligation quote for a suitable work platform.

Can’t find a suitable model? Our field service will be happy to help you to select battery-operated and hybrid platform types personally and individually.